Grandi Nan Nou Home Ministries

"Grow through us” | Together our communities are stronger.  Based in Leogane, Haiti– We invest in the lives of Haiti’s people by providing after school tutoring for children, education in skills that provide jobs at our trade center, and discipling of young people into independence in our home. Our ministries encourage people to build their personal relationship with God, and build a sense of community.

Meet the Team

The Missionaries in Haiti – The Toyo Family

Our ministry believes in the importance of God’s best creation- people.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be obedient to God.  We strive to keep our ministry simple–by investing in the lives of Haiti’s people.  We meet the tangible needs of our citizens, then we guide them to find faith in the Lord.  Our library ministry, trade center ministry, and focus on discipleship bring people closer to God.

Our History

Jameson was born in Port au Prince Haiti. After his father died, Jameson moved in with his mother’s family in the mountains of northwest Haiti at the age of four. At ten years of age, his mother passed away and he ended up moving in with his cousins closer to the town of Jean Rabel. He finished classical school and he attended seminary in Port Au Prince. While he was in seminary he had a summer internship at a church in the south. That church happened to be the same church Shelby was attending, Hope Rising. They became good friends and after the summer of 2018 came to a close, they decided to begin a romantic relationship with the pursuit of marriage. In November 2019 there was a political unrest that consequently locked the country down; however, that did not keep Shelby and Jameson from getting married. The tone of these events would set the stage for the first few years of marriage. Soon after they were married the COVID-19 pandemic began, the president of Haiti was assassinated, and gangs took over the main highway to the south side of the island. However, that did not stop God and His plan for their life. God was continually faithful. Through very difficult circumstances, the Toyo’s continued to grow as individuals as well as a ministry and family. A long awaited visa was granted to Jameson, and they welcomed their first child into the world in 2021.

GNN Board of Directors

We have a team of ladies working behind the scenes in the United States to make sure GNN is running smoothly. They handle everything from keeping our 501c3 status up to date to helping plan and organize our events for our supporters to attend.

Elizabeth Mudd
Director of Marketing
Sarah Baehr
Kris Bompadre
Assistant Director
Susan Bartholomew Metheny
Chief Financial Officer