Grandi Nan Nou Home Ministries

"Grow through us” | Together our communities are stronger.  Based in Leogane, Haiti– We invest in the lives of Haiti’s people by providing after school tutoring for children, education in skills that provide jobs at our trade center, and discipling of young people into independence in our home. Our ministries encourage people to build their personal relationship with God, and build a sense of community.

Our Family- Who are those people living with you?? Part 2: Remy Saint-Preux

Remy Saint-Preux  plays many roles. He is the administrator of GNN. He teaches the ceramic tile and french classes at the trade center and leads the tutors in the after school tutoring program. He is also the leader of Christian singing group called Lumiere Divine. 

Remy was born in northwest Haiti in Gombo in Jean Rabel in 1990. His mom and dad are dead and so are Jameson’s. They have a unique relationship where they have been each other’s family since 2006. They used to work in the garden together, participate in Rara (voodou dancing and singing group), and write jazz music with a group of their friends. They both accepted Christ in 2010. Their music passion was turned towards worship and learning the Bible. They both left Jean Rabel and moved to the city of Port au Prince for school. Remy attended university studying education. While he attended school he taught classes in many different classical schools in the area. Sadly, most of the time, the money he earned for his hard work and sacrifice to invest in the next generation by teaching barely even covered the transportation he had to pay to get to work. Last year (December 2021) Remy finished all of his education classes and FINALLY was ready to move to Leogane to join the GNN team. His passion for Jesus, teaching, learning, and music is a great asset to our team. Remy is engaged to a young woman named Johanne. They plan to get married in December. They are currently trying to find a place to rent until they are able to start building their own home. Please pray with Him that God’s will continue to be done in His life. That he would be available and equipped to do whatever it is God wants. He would love to see his dreams of having a healthy family serving the Lord together come true. 

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